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Caring Transitions Provides a Unique Platform for Online Estate Auctions

Discover an array of options when organizing online estate auctions through Caring Transitions in Lebanon, Long Valley, and the surrounding areas of New Jersey

At Caring Transitions, we specialize in providing transition services of all types, including relocation, downsizing, decluttering, estate sale, as well as liquidations and online estate auctions.

For clients who are short on time but need to manage an estate sale for the family, our proprietary CT Bids application can be extremely useful. 

How Does CT Bids Work?

To explain how it all works before you get your CT bids up and running, we will first arrange a free in-home consultation and meet you in person. Our assigned specialists will take the time to assess the items you wish to place on your online estate auctions, helping you take pictures and make lists of items for sale. Once we show you how to set up and manage your CT Bids account, it is fairly easy to upload pictures and watch your items sell.

One of the best parts about this style of auctioning is that you do not have to interrupt your daily life to manage online estate auctions like you would have to with a traditional estate sale.

How to Price My Items On CT Bids?

A selection of pricing options is made available on our CT Bids website. What makes the app so unique is that you are never forced to sell your items in one specific method. Instead, you can choose from the following options:

  • Auction – In this rather classic auctioning option, you set the starting price and let the interested parties outbid each other until the highest bidder claims the prize. 
  • Fixed price – If you want to skip the bidding process altogether, you can just set a fixed price on the item until it is sold to the first buyer.
  • Classified ad – You can make your online estate auctions more appealing for potential buyers by running classified ads that showcase the item’s image, description, as well as pricing and shipping costs. However, once a particular item is sold, you have to remember to disable the ad.
  • Buy now – Just like with fixed price, this option enables an instant purchase at a specific, pre-set price.
  • Reserve – You want to allow bidding but you are worried about your item going for a lower price than expected? Simply choose to set a reserve option, which is a behind-the-scenes price you hope to get for a specific item. If the price is not met by the end of the online auction, you can either restart the auction or opt to sell to the highest bidder.

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