Upcycled Organization

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Upcycled Organization

If you're ready to tidy up your home office or corral kid's toys, you would be surprised by the items you own that are waiting for a new purpose. More than likely some of the items cluttering your home could be used to create extra storage or organized spaces. Instead of purchasing brand new items, consider upcycling a few items from the attic or purchasing gently used unexpected items to bring calm to untidy chaos.

The basics of getting organized start with ensuring every item in your home has a designated place and space. Without a place for each item to go, clutter can creep up and quickly take over.

Here are some of our favorite items for upcycled organization:

Baskets – Baskets and basket sets are likely peppered throughout your home or tucked away unused in a closet. If you don't have any, they can often be found gently used at online auction sites like ctbids.com and estate sales awaiting a new home. Use baskets to corral stray items, place a decorative element, organize mail, store umbrellas, or add a touch of personality to your room or entryway.

Closet and Drawer Organizers – Think outside the traditional use of organizers. They can be used in many place throughout your home. Bring order to linen closets by storing bathroom tissue and paper towels in a hanging organizer or store board games in a sweater organizer. Both are perfect for using space on closet doors. Consider turning a drawer organizer into a tea or coffee tray using the slots to organize beverage flavors, sweeteners, spoons or stirs. You could even bring order to coffee or side tables using a utensil organizer to give a home to remotes, coasters, matches or other frequently used items in your living or family room.

Paper Sorters – Since many of us are working from home, office supplies are likely in abundance. If you don't have any at home, you can find items like shelf dividers or file organizers anywhere you find great preowned deals. When you consider using them outside of an office the possibilities are endless! Use a paper sorter in the entryway to hold reusable or paper shopping bags and gift bags. This universal item can also be used as a purse, scarf or bag organizer in any closet.

Photo Frames – Have a few extra or unused frames you aren't willing to part with? Consider using the frames to create tasteful storage alternatives. HGTV experts suggest using frames to bring order to “tangled jewelry by displaying your necklaces and bracelets neatly on the wall.” You could even create a charging station for your mobile devices, a framed chalk or message board.

Shelving Units – Repurposed bookcases, media stands, and shelving units can add extra storage and display space to give wayward items a home. Use this space to display books or beautiful containers with the ability to house remotes, blankets or other frequently used items.

Bureaus, Cabinets and Buffets – There's a plethora of options in this category at most estate sales and online auction sites. You can use a buffet to display more than what's on the surface. Try assigning specific items like extra blankets or pillows to each drawer. Or repurpose your find to create an entertainment stand by removing the top drawers to house items like gaming consoles or a cable box.

Bar or Serving Cart – Do you entertain often? You can save space using an existing bar or serving cart to store the most common items needed for a dinner party or gathering. Use organizers for kitchen or bathroom cabinets to restructure the space you have within the cart. Better Homes and Gardens suggests using the cart to be “prepared for unexpected company,“ as well as store “[b]ottles, glassware, and serving utensils... Closed storage below lets you conceal miscellaneous items in a hurry.”

Glass Jars – A favorite of many for years, mason jars hold a wealth of storage and use opportunities. These jars can be used to store spices or dry goods like flour in a creative decorative way. You can create a hanging spice rack using glass jars or bottles to free up cabinet and counter space. In the bathroom, store essentials in glass jars to save space and keep toiletries neatly within reach.

Mugs or Small Pitchers – Dish and Glassware is often in abundance in online auctions and estate sales. They, like many other items on this list, are very versatile. Use a small stylish pitcher to stow common tools efficiently within reach of your cooking area to make food prep simpler. Mugs can be used as measuring cups or even used to grow fresh herbs and eventually save refrigerator space.

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